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I like my hair messy. My love wild. And my sex aggressive. But I’m still a sensitive woman, just with passion.
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I’m honest with how I feel. For years, my Dad has drilled the most cliche line, “Live each day like it’s your last” into my head. And so, I try, because my mentality has been shaped into believing that I might not make it tomorrow, the next week, or the next year, or the year after that and not to…

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Let’s travel the world.

Let’s travel the world.

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You are my 3 AM thoughts.
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Who remembers Alyson Stoner from Camp Rock & Disney? If you do, say hello to her again, along with Max Schneider while they cover “Sweater Weather.” If you didn’t know them of before, you will now. One of the best covers you’ll ever hear.

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It’s not over.

It wasn’t over, it still isn’t over.

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My bullshit is your bullshit. Your bullshit is my bullshit.

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I Think It’s Time


I think its time we reconnect again or at least finish us, properly.

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The people who are meant to be in your life will always gravitate back towards you, no matter how far they wander.
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Food For Thought

Any person that thinks this is more than you can handle is less than the kind of person you need in your life.